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emtifahp replied to your post:I have to wonder if it’s Rob’s actual headcanon…

Well, if Dick did question it, his only suspects would be Logan and Veronica. Wouldn’t he be more weary of them after?
But Dick being Dick, he doesn’t like complications. So it could be that he just pushed it so far down for so long that it manifested into the chronic depression he talked about in the movie. And I don’t believe that he trusted Veronica any more than she trusted him. 





"That’s what they want me to believe."

LOL This was so awesome. Favorite episode yet.

Ep 6 is ridiculously hilarious! Each episode is better than the last and still laughing from Ryan as Jon Snow

LOL There is no way in HELL Ryan could pull off Jon Snow. Jason maybe, but definitely NOT Ryan.

I found this episode is a bit depressing actually. Right rottweilersatemylaptop? I know this is NOT canon whatsoever, but I was so surprised to see Cassidy there. I know Kyle was gonna have a cameo, but I actually gasped to see him there. But it was the whole dream like conversation between Dick and Cass, kinda like reminiscence of Veronica/Duncan with Lilly. And the fact that Cass said, “I told you, I told you…” it was like, this wasn’t Dick’s first conversation with his late brother. And he also probably in denial about the whole suicide thing. Chronic depression and such. OMG, I know this is not Veronica Mars, and they just playing around, definitely anti-Veronica with the whole show actually, Weevil and Keith died, but still, this was like taking me by surprise. I have to keep reminding myself that we’re not watching Veronica Mars, canon wise even.

ALL OF THIS^^^^ I found myself sitting there thinking, “Is this Rob’s headcanon about Dick? Does he talk to Cassidy or even see him, maybe? Is he in denial, or did he never really believe that Cassidy’s death went down the way he was told it did?” 

This ties in with Dick’s chronic depression and need for pot brownies in the movie in ways that I can’t think about if I expect to get any work done today. 

I have to wonder if it’s Rob’s actual headcanon that Dick would question how Cassidy’s death actually went down, or if he ever really died at all. 


cainc3 replied to your post:cainc3 replied to your photo:My year is MADE. It’s…

Well… Congrats!! Totally jealous. I’m going to try that on my next birthday… maybe the birthday magic will work for me too. :)
I bet it will! Two amazing friends asked him if he’d give me a shout out, so all the credit goes to them! 

Dick Casablancas loves me and nothing will ever hurt again. 

cainc3 replied to your photo:My year is MADE. It’s fucking MADE. Thank you…

I bet this was the cherry on top of your day for you… well it might have been the whole sundae. LOL Happy Birthday!!
When I blew out my candles yesterday, this is what I wished for. Birthday magic FTW!

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woooooooaaahhhh congrats!! best bday gift ever!
To be honest this was my wish when I blew out my candles yesterday … that he’d see the tweets my friends left and give me a shoutout! *DIES* 
My year is MADE. It’s fucking MADE. Thank you Susanmichelin and @ELSchaaf for helping to make this happen, I’m so grateful!

My year is MADE. It’s fucking MADE. Thank you Susanmichelin and  for helping to make this happen, I’m so grateful!